• Dana Chichirita

A blog is a blog,

never the same.

So, i will start from today. I didn't paint for a long time, but i have a plan. Won't bother with that now, people will find out day by day.

I am trying to get my family to the surface, with society as well.

So, for that to happen, i must be boring, washed well, fighting with bad and good thoughts.

Walk from time to time, cry and laugh as much as i can.

I want to write, instead of drawing, drawing now it's expensive, for i need photoshop, to treat my viewers with nice things. In one word, i need money but will not depend on them.

So, be gentle with me, i am trying to find a way to people's hearts, as well as God's will.

He left us here, on Earth to do nice things, this is my jewel.


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