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My story

... delightful artistry for people who need it ...

The story of artistry began from childhood, i had a soft spot for drawing, it was engaging me to a higher state of mind and body, sometimes when i was writing or drawing i suddenly started to cry.

You will see in my collections that matters of the heart are my main inspirational subject. But i try and enhance other chapters too. I am pleased to announce from childhood that my heart is open for humankind.

My drawings, my posts, are a window to my heaven.



These are a few of my current collections. Each and every one is unique in it's own way, and beautiful in every way. Please take 

a look at them and explore them one by one, and be sure you'll find the one that speaks to your soul.

Angels and their wings

I began seeing angels in my dreams and i wanted badly to draw them, to understand them and to pray i will be one. So this is a collection where angels speak to me and i speak to them.

The Goddess of love 

I began to understand that every god form in this world has something special inside the soul that's going to become a child, so for Venus, i found out that sea shells holds her babies, the pearls. That is why i am starting a nice collection dedicated to her and her pearls.

God's creation

As far as i know, mother nature is just nature, with trees, leaves, mud and let's face the truth, it is a creation, such as soap and water. I started to think about this collection being in love with trees, with green and water and sun. All these elements will become a homeland, a dreamy earth in God's place.

Types of art

Art comes in many forms, one for each soul. Check out what type of paintings I offer


Oil paintings

A delicate gesture of the hands of people that make dreams, invent territories in their hearts.

Picture 352.jpg

Pictures that are speaking so powerful that none of the paintings can, but we try.


What you love becomes a dream on a window in your room



Above the Clouds




Sunrise on Nature


Writing a blog about all my art ...

The world around us is the same, but different to each and every one of us.

See what drives me, and how I got all this started


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Aleea Tudor Neculai
nr.33, bl. 959, sc. A, et.2, ap. 9, Iasi, Romania

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